Friendly Living Room Design

Balance family-oriented design with elegance by adding colorful decorative accents and neutral yet complementary color tones to your friendly living room design. Outdoor home decors, which are practical and durable, are ideal for flexible living room designs, especially for children-friendly living room themes. Fabric outdoor pillows, which are simple to replace and lightweight, are ideal choices for children-friendly living room themes. Fireplace screens, which provide protection from embers and flames, are also perfect additions to a family-style design.

To create a cozy, inviting, and comfortable living room, balance casual contemporary style with warm fabrics and furniture in neutral colors. Casual modern furniture such as leather couches, rocking chairs, and sectional sofas can be combined with warm throws and cushions to create a charming family friendly room design style. Your furniture choices may include woven fabrics or wicker furniture. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures. Add decorative touches like area rugs and pillows in coordinating colors to complete the look.

The look of a home is enhanced when complementary pieces of furniture are combined. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with comfortable sofas, loveseats, and lounge chairs. Modern fabrics like polyester are ideal for couch covers. Cushions that are made from cotton are ideal sofa covers. You can accent contemporary and neutral sofas with interesting fabric covers, like retro-modern or traditional patterns and solids.

If you want a relaxed atmosphere, consider painting your living room with white walls. White highlights furniture and other accessories in a room. In a contemporary living room, a white wall accent table can add an artistic touch. White furniture complements and adds depth to plain white walls. You can also paint a small corner of the room to bring in a splash of color or a pattern.

Another way to add drama to a dull room is to add an area rug. Area rugs can javelin corners, divide large sofas, and add interest to plain white walls. If you don’t have a lot of money, consider a vinyl area rug that you can change with a different cloth. Vinyl area rugs are also easy to clean and durable.

Beni Ourain rugs come in several modern designs and are available in affordable materials. Beni Ourain rugs are handmade in the Tekke region of Ethiopia. Each rug is unique and has special qualities. Modern materials and techniques to enhance the beauty of these handcrafted rugs.

Bedroom Shelves – How to Style Them?

The bedroom might be a challenging room to decorate. It could be a new space with new shelves or an old one that needs renovation. In this post, you can learn how to decorate your bedroom shelves with five tips.

Remove all the items from the shelves

The essence of this step is to start with a blank slate. Some objects do not belong on the shelves while some need to be added. Decorating around other items on a shelf can be quite distracting. The existing items can be part of the new décor but removing them clears the mind and enhances creativity.

After removing the items, decide on the color scheme of the shelves. At this point, one can decide to paint them to achieve cohesiveness. Every bedroom has some dominant colors and the shelves should reflect them. The colors should not clash with one another.

Prioritize visual balance

The overall design of the bedroom depends on visual balance. Shelves should communicate this balance by looking comfortable. Visual balance comes through arranging the objects based on their color, size, and shape. Put similar items together. If the objects are short, consider placing them at the center and tall ones at the ends of the shelf. Remember to have a variety of objects to have an interesting look. Similar objects might be boring and too monotonous.

Display objects of sentimental value

The bedroom is mainly a personal space and should include items that are valuable to you. Objects of sentimental value include souvenirs, picture frames, monograms, gifts, and collections of personal items. Other decorative items that are perfect additions include candles, plants, small mirrors, and lanterns.

Take some time and review the decoration

It is always important to walk away and come back to see if the decoration is still impressive. Place the décor elements in different positions to experiment whether you can achieve balance differently. The review should not be forced as you need to enjoy the process and the results of decoration.

Visit this site for more guidance on decorating bedroom shelves:

5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a perfect place to add more style to your bedroom while meeting your additional storage needs. Here are some factors to consider during your search.

Size of drawers and where you will place them

There is no uniform size for drawers which offers you plenty of options to suit your room. The size you choose should be proportional to the rest of the room. Smaller rooms are trickier, but you can work with taller and narrower drawers. You can easily solve this through the measurement of the space you want the drawers to fit.

Take measurements of the chest of drawers, both with the drawers closed and when they are pulled out. This offer will let you know how much space you need to ensure you have space for movement around the drawer.

The shape of the drawer

The shape of the drawer influences the geometry of the room and can even affect the place you will place them. For example, in bedrooms with high ceilings, high models work well, while low and long chests of drawers look well in narrow rooms and add elegance with extra horizontal lines.

Rectangular shapes are the more common and traditional option. You can also go for a classic look of a curved chest of drawers, either circular, semicircular, or a complex curved shape. Corner shapes, on the other hand, come in handy if you want to maximize corner spaces, especially in odd room layouts.

Material for the chest drawers

The material for your chest impacts your budget, durability, and style. Solid wood is the most durable option and also the pricier one.

Even among solid wood ones, the type of wood also determines the price, with hardwood options being costlier. You also have MDF options that are safer than using particleboard which emits harmful substances. You could also pick mixed materials options like metal and frames and wood drawers and tops.

Your preferred style

Your choice should complement your bedroom theme style. You have plenty of options to pick from here. You can choose from the current trending styles like Scandinavian, industrial, vintage, rustic, traditional, or minimalist. Better yet, choose a modern custom-made chest of drawers that matches any current theme in your room.

Features of the drawers

Your choice for a chest of drawers should also offer more functionality and convenience. In the case of convenience, you may want drawers that come with casters for easy movement, especially when cleaning. You could also opt for doors and rollers on the drawers for ease of access.

You also want drawers whose top can offer ample storage and placement of various items. A low chest of drawers can easily serve as a dresser.