Bedroom Shelves – How to Style Them?

The bedroom might be a challenging room to decorate. It could be a new space with new shelves or an old one that needs renovation. In this post, you can learn how to decorate your bedroom shelves with five tips.

Remove all the items from the shelves

The essence of this step is to start with a blank slate. Some objects do not belong on the shelves while some need to be added. Decorating around other items on a shelf can be quite distracting. The existing items can be part of the new décor but removing them clears the mind and enhances creativity.

After removing the items, decide on the color scheme of the shelves. At this point, one can decide to paint them to achieve cohesiveness. Every bedroom has some dominant colors and the shelves should reflect them. The colors should not clash with one another.

Prioritize visual balance

The overall design of the bedroom depends on visual balance. Shelves should communicate this balance by looking comfortable. Visual balance comes through arranging the objects based on their color, size, and shape. Put similar items together. If the objects are short, consider placing them at the center and tall ones at the ends of the shelf. Remember to have a variety of objects to have an interesting look. Similar objects might be boring and too monotonous.

Display objects of sentimental value

The bedroom is mainly a personal space and should include items that are valuable to you. Objects of sentimental value include souvenirs, picture frames, monograms, gifts, and collections of personal items. Other decorative items that are perfect additions include candles, plants, small mirrors, and lanterns.

Take some time and review the decoration

It is always important to walk away and come back to see if the decoration is still impressive. Place the décor elements in different positions to experiment whether you can achieve balance differently. The review should not be forced as you need to enjoy the process and the results of decoration.

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